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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Published in TidBITS

I've been doing quite a bit of web content writing and editing, so it's always a thrill to cross back over in to journalism and have a bylined article published. Here's a piece I did on laptop bags for TidBITS, the Mac news site. And the accompanying slideshow.


  1. Hi Karen,
    I replied to Marla as I know a great bag that wasn't at the show. They are beautiful and totally designed for a woman and her lifestyle.

    Check out

    Roberta Perry

  2. Hi!

    I liked your review of laptop bags from Macworld, but I was disappointed that you didn't go into detail about my favorite: the Australian STM Bags

    (I did see a slide in the slideshow, so I do know that you saw them)

    The company's designer was in attendance at the booth, answering questions and previewing upcoming products. The bag I got for my 15-inch Powerbook three Macworlds ago is still going strong - I love it.